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5 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel at Home During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches our homes are being filled with lots of laughter and love from our family and friends. Dri-Glo can help you create an inviting and comfortable space and treat your guests to the perfect guest suite.

With lots of guests coming and going,or even staying over, having a comfortable space available to your loved ones where everyone is happy and enjoying themselves becomes important around the holidays. With the holiday period being busy for all, having a space to show this love can easily bring everyone together.

Let us take you through our top 5 tips for styling the perfect guest bedroom and bathroom for the holidays! 


The Guest Bedroom

Your Guests should have a space to rest and recover after a long day of eating lots of good food and engaging in fun and festive activities.


1.Include Fun Throw Pillows

Incorporating different styles, textures and shapes, and mixing between different types of pillows can create a cozy environment and add layers to the space which add comfort and luxury. Here at Dri-Glo when it comes to pillows, the more the merrier!

  • Our Linen Euro Pillowcases can add height and depth to the bed, making it a welcoming environment.
  • Incorporating this with our Linen Quilted Boulster Cushion can complete this cushion set and add that extra bit of warmth inviting you into the bedroom space.

2.Have Fun With Colours!

Celebrating the festive season with greens and reds being added onto a plain quilt cover can bring festivity and creativity. This can inspire and bring some subtle decor for your guests. Dri-Glo incorporates fun colours into both the linen euro pillowcases and the linen quilted bolster cushion. These fun colours include eucalyptus, denim, indigo, asphalt and many more for you to create the perfect balance of cosy and fun!

3.Bring out the fresh Linen Bedsheets & bedding

With the weather warming up having breathable fabric can allow your guest to endure a peaceful night's rest during the summer heat.

  • Dri-Glo’s Linen Quilt Cover Set in Natural allows for a great pairing with our matching cushion and provides a soft space for relaxation and is available for queen and king bedding. This linen bedding is easy to clean and swap over for each guest to enjoy fresh crisp sheets, catering to a wide range of material preferences and allergies.


4.Include Curtains

This can give guests the option to block out the light and provide privacy if they want to nap during the day and soften up the space.

  • Dri-Glo’s Linen curtains can help achieve a luxury bedroom environment allowing your guests to choose how much sunlight they would like in their room.

The Guest Bathroom

Providing privacy and a space where your guests can prepare for those holiday festivities is important to make them feel comfortable.

5. Include Fresh Towels

Having towels available can help your guest feel relaxed around freshening up and feeling free to use the bathroom. 

  • Our Cotton Waffle and Textured Rib Bath collections allow you to purchase a whole set ranging from bathmats to face washers all in the same style and colour. As well as allowing you to purchase them individually to broaden your range selection and tailor your collection.

These towels can easily become a great Christmas gift after your guest's stay! wrap them up at the start of their staycation for them to enjoy and a gift that will always be a memory reminding them of their time in your home.


Adding in a little gift to round up your guest's stay can extend a warm welcome and invite them over to stay again. Adding a personalised touch can make them feel special and show your appreciation. Incorporating some chocolate or flowers and placing them onto pillows or towels can bring all of these tips together and I mean who doesn't love chocolate! 

This Lindt Pick and Mix tin can add a luxury feel and personalised touch to each guest. This also incorporates some special edition Christmas-themed chocolates to get your guests in the holiday spirit.









If you want to go that extra mile this Natio Sunset Shimmer Gift Set incorporates self-care items such as body wash and hand cream. This is an amazing pairing to gifting out Dri-Glo towels, taking your guest on a full journey of being welcomed into your home. Your guests can indulge in pampering and treating themselves to something relaxing and recharge from the hustle and bustle of life. Who wouldn't love to take some time off and indulge in some self-care! 


Overall, make your guests feel like they are at home and like they are in their safe space. This can help you give back to your loved ones in the spirit of Christmas and make your home the place to be. All that is left to do is to gather by the Christmas tree and enjoy your time with your family and friends.

To achieve these looks we have you covered at Dri-Glo, ranging from your bedroom to bathroom spaces. Visit our store to start your journey in transforming your home into the perfect humble abode for your guests today.