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Cushions Are A Beds Best Friend

When it comes to styling a bedroom there is one cardinal rule one must never forget: the cushions. Cushions add a layered softness to the bedroom as well as offer an affordable way to add pops of colour and texture.

Pops Of Colour

When looking to add some colour into your bed set up but are unsure what colours to choose look no further than the artwork in your room. If you have opted for an artwork free space then look for complimentary colours to your sheets. Is there a floral pattern on your quilt? Look for tones of green. Maybe your bedding is monochromatic? Opt for matching tones but with exciting textures.

3 Is The Magic Number

Now here at Dri-Glo Australia we believe you can never have too many cushions. But if you are trying to limit yourself look to work in odds, not pairs. For this we recommend a 3-cushion combination such as 2 euros and a bolster. This combination will help to keep things looking both seamless yet exciting.

Mix It Up

While sticking with similar tones, textures and shapes can be a great way to start your new cushion addiction, don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Have a play with different shapes and patterns to add interest to the space and add a little personal flare. Layering different sized cushions can also help your cushions sit nicely!

Bonus! Chop It Like It's Hot!

 Ever wonder how stylists get those perfectly fluffy cushions? You can achieve this by fluffing the cushion ensuring to sharpen the corners, then hit it with a little karate chop to the top center. Boom instantly stunning cushions (Plus it can be a great stress reliever!).

Feeling excited to get styling? Check out our cushion range here.