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5 Shows to Snuggle in and Binge this Chilly Season

With the weather beginning to turn and the days get colder, there is nothing better to do than snuggle into the comforting warmth of bed with a cheeky glass of wine and a good show. Here are our top TV shows to snuggle in and binge this chilly season.



The Girl from Plainville

Inspired by the true story of Michelle Carter’s “Texting-suicide” case. Diving into the dark psyche of a young woman whose actions seemed indefensible and incomprehensible to the public, The Girl from Plainville offers insight into the highly publicised case. If you are a fan of a dark crime drama this series is for you! 


If you have been online recently (which you probably are if you are reading this) then you have most likely heard of Bridgerton. This Netflix mega hit took the world by storm with its romance, fashion and quite frankly unique take on the regency era. Now back with its second season there is no better time to grab the popcorn, snuggle in and enjoy all the juicy gossip the ton has to offer.


If you enjoy your shows very moody, moderately complex with a ting of dry humour then Ozark is the show for you. This Midwestern crime and drugs drama is a slow burn that follows the story of an unlucky financial adviser who drags his family from Chicago to the Small Missouri town of Ozark where he must launder money to appease a drug boss. 

Plus it stars Jason Bateman.. need we say more?


Prefer your TV a little less moody and a little more funny? Then Superstore is the binge pick for you. Featuring a larger than life cast and 6 hilarious seasons, Superstore follows the typical, day-to-day life of the employees of a big-box megastore. This sitcom will have you laughing you socks off before you even get 2 minutes into the first episode.

Is it Cake?

Like to watch your cake and eat it too? Inspired by a popular meme, this Netflix game show follows skilled cake artists as they create mouth-watering replicas of handbags, sewing machines and more. Is it Cake? will have you licking your lips and dusting off your aprons.